"What we do lives and breathes.
It has a heartbeat. It has a passion.
It's an extension of who Jesus Christ is."

– Jackie Davis, Director

We have a broad range of programs to help the neediest people of our community:

San Bernardino City Mission conducts mobile outreaches four days a week in various communities around our region.

Mobile Outreach

Four days a week, we partner with local churches to conduct mobile outreaches. This allows us to serve a broader population over a wide area.The local church provides the site and volunteers to set up, tear down, serve meals, distribute clothing, and offer counseling. We bring the hot meals and practical items such as toilet paper, soap, and of course, Bibles. And we send our guests home with "Bags of Hope" to help them get through their week.

Find out how your church can host a mobile outreach.


San Bernardino City Mission distributes family food boxes tothose who get outside easily.

Family Food Box Meals

There are poor families in our communities that desperately need help with food. Some don’t have the money to purchase food. Others don’t even have a car to pick up the food that’s available. With the help of our faithful volunteers we deliver Family Food Box Meals directly to their homes. They can count on at least 25 meals in each food box to get them through the lean times. With your help we provide the food for more than 75,000 meals to seniors, shut-ins and poor families each year.

Help us distribute Family Food Boxes.


San Bernardino City Mission bring hot meals to hungry people four days a week.

Hot Meals

For many hungry people, receiving a hot nutritious meal from the Mission is more than a momentary blessing—it's the first step toward a new life. After experiencing the love of Christ in such a practical way, their hearts become open to the life-changing power of the gospel. And for us, that's what it's all about. All the hot meals we serve come direct from our distribution center in Highland, California.

Help us provide hot meals for hungry people.


San Bernardino City Mission makes the holidays special with our outreach meals.

Holiday Outreach Meals

Thanksgiving, Christmas and Easter can be sad times for those without family, food, or money. We make the holidays happy for them with our special outreach meals. Last year the Mission provided 118,100 hot meals, sack lunches and food box meals for the hungry.

Find out how you can participate in our Holiday Outreach Meals.


People find clothing they need at San Bernardino City Mission

Clothing and Household Goods

For those who have nothing, a few simple things can make all the difference: a warm coat, a decent pair of shoes, some bedding, a pot to cook in. We can even provide washers, dryers, and beds—all through generous donations from our partners.

Help the hurting by donating physical goods.


We want all the people we minister to to come into relationship with Jesus Christ. We help them do that.

Spiritual Help

The life of Christ is at the heart of everything we do. So we don't just meet people's physical needs. We pray with them, counsel them, give them Bibles, and share devotional services with them. For those with more extensive needs, we have a network of specialized ministries we can refer them to.

Find out more about our spiritual emphasis.

We can refer those who need shelter to services that provide temporary housing.